Comfort Fit Active Joggers in Teal Green

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Comfort Fit Active Joggers in Teal Green


  • Teal green active joggers crafted with 4-way stretch 100% polyester fabric that moves along with your movement.
  • Has an elasticated waistband & drawstring fastening for snug fit.
  • Engineered with Quick Dry Technology that wicks away sweat during an intense workout routine, keeping you cool & dry.
  • Has breathable material with extra pores to evaporate sweat and maintain airflow.
  • Has anti-static properties to stop the fabric from clinging to your body.
  • Provides ease of movement and avoids wear or tear.
  • Maximizes flexibility, mobility & performance.
  • Perfect for all kinds of workout sessions like Zumba, dance, yoga, cycling, gym or running.

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