R for Rabbit

R for Rabbit Large L Size Premium Feather Diaper for Baby 9 to 14 kgs (70 Pack Offer)

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About this item

Breathable Diapers: R for Rabbit Feather Large Size Diapers

Ultimate Breathability: Featuring 10 million* breathable pores, these L size diapers allow air to pass through effortlessly. This design ensures high breathability, keeping your baby's skin rash-free by instantly locking in moisture.

Yoga Pant Style Comfort: With a high waist and 360-degree elasticity, these L size diapers offer unparalleled comfort. They support your baby's playtime, preventing heaviness and discomfort, and allowing for free movement.

Prioritizing Safety: Dermatologically and pediatrician tested, our Feather Diapers are free from harmful chemicals (0% Parabens, Latex, Fragrance, Phthalates*, Chlorine*). Suitable even for babies with sensitive skin, our XL size diapers use pure water-based ink for maximum safety.

Perfect Fit: Ideal for babies weighing 9-14 kg, R for Rabbit Feather Diapers in L size ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

Leak-Proof Protection: Enjoy up to 12 hours* of superior absorbency. These diapers prevent thigh leakage, allowing your baby to have unlimited fun during the day and uninterrupted sleep at night.

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